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Where is Nepal?
Nepal is mountainous kingdom in southern Asia, located between India and China. Currently has over 26 million people of different races and tribes, living in different regions, wearing different costumes and speaking different languages occupy a total of 147,181 square kilometer (885 km east to west, and 193 km north to south) of this tiny country. Nepal is geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. The capital of Nepal is 'Kathmandu'or simply by the name `city of temples'. Nepal is a kingdom of Himalayas, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and a unique harmony of diversified cultures. It attracts visitors for casual holidays, tours, and adventure activities including `Everest Expedition'. Nepal is also popular for having it's land the birth place of Lord Buddha, and birth place of Lord Sita. Agriculture and Tourism are two important revenues that keeps this nation exist.

What's the national language of Nepal?
There are other 72 different spoken languages in Nepal. Most people living in the city areas can understand and speak English fluently. Nepal's the official language of Nepal. English and Hindi are widely understood in the urban centers.Language such as Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Newari, Tamang and Nepalbhasa are also popular in most popular cities and towns.

What is Nepal Known for?
• Highest Summit on Earth, Mt Everest
• The Birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini
• The birth place of Lord Sita, Janakpur
• Legendary Warriors, The Gorkha
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What's the currency of Nepal?
Currency is spelled as Nepalese Rupees or Rupee (Rs) or in short NRS. 100 Paisa equals 1 Rs. Currently Notes of the following denominations are used: 1000, 500, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, and 1 rupees.

What is the climate like in Nepal?
-Winter: December-February,
-Spring: March-May,
-Summer: June-August,
-Autumn: September-November.

The weather in Nepal varies from sub tropical to meditation. The capital, Kathmandu reaches below 1 Degree Celsius during the winter and rises to an average 25 Degree Celsius during the summer. The temperature during the winter also rises to 15 to 20 degree Celsius during the day.

When is the best time to travel in Nepal ?
Your best time to travel to Nepal is October to November or February to April. Visit Nepal during October to November, as this is the time when you can expect better visibility, the air is fresh, and the weather is perfect and that the Nepalese most important festivals (Dashain and Tihar) are marked during that season . May to June is also a good time to travel although the weather is hot and dusty- you can live with that; wear a mask and a Nepali Topi (Cap) and learn how Nepalese get along with this period. December to January is the winter season in Nepal, which is also a good time to travel; the climate and visibility is good. Snow jackets and sweaters are recommended. Manson starts from Mid June to September; traveling during this period is not advisable unless you are the one who loves best in everything or finds best from anything. Just bring your raincoat during that season, and have a blast!

How safe is traveling to Nepal ?
Travelling to Nepal is totally safe except on Maiosts affected area mainly remote parts of Nepal. Although Maiosts have declared war, there has not been a single incident of attack to the tourists.

Just follow your own simple tips for safety, which should be enough to make your visit to Nepal smooth.

  1. Be friendly with people
  2. Don't complain.
  3. Do not travel in the night time. Get back to your hotel by 10 PM
  4. Report to the police in case of harassment.
  5. Most people in the city areas can speak English well enough to answer your questions. Ask for help.

What can I do in Nepal as a traveler ?

What are some basic Nepali customs that I should know about?

  1. Take off your shoes before entering a temple or one's home.
  2. Ask for permission before entering a Hindu temple.
  3. Taking photographs inside the most temples are considered illegal. Ask for permission before taking photographs of objects, and including Nepali people.
  4. Nepali people are friendly by nature. Have a genuine interest in them. Talk to them. Be friendly as you travel..
  5. Public displays of affection such as kissing may be considered offensive.
  6. Say hello or Namaste if anyone is initiating a dialogue with you.

Do I need a visa for Nepal ?
Visa is required to enter Nepal for other than Indian Nationals. One can obtain visa for Nepal upon arrival at every entry points to Nepal. The visa fee is USD 30.00 per person for single entry upto 60 days. GRATIS visa for 3 days stay in Nepal is free.

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?
There are many ATM machines in Kathmandu and in Pokhara. ATM machines are slowly being introduced to other city like Butwal and Dharhan. In Thamel street alone, there are three machines, including one in the Kathmandu Guest House. International credit cards (Master Card, Visa Card etc ) are accepted in all leading hotels, shopping centers, bars and restaurants in Nepal.

How much does a taxi fare cost in Nepal?
Taxi is cheaper mainly in city areas. The initial taxi meter is Rs 7, i.e. the taxi meter reading as soon as you hop in! Every Kilometer adds Rs 10 to the meter. From airport to Thamel or Durbarmarg or Lazimpat or Chakrapath it should not cost you more than Rs 250. Cabs at the airport are hesitant to go by the meter readings, so give them whatever they are offering from Rs 250 to 300 which is fine to reach to any of the city areas within Kathmandu valley.

How to enter Nepal?

By Air
The Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu is Nepal’s only international airport. The important airlines that serve Kathmandu are Indian Airlines, Thai International, Bangladesh Biman, China Southwest Airlines, Druk Air, Qatar Airways, PIA- Pakistan Airlines, Gulf Air, Sahara Ailrlines, Jet Air, and Cosmic Air. The national carrier - Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation (RNAC), operates flights to both Europe and Japan as well as the regional destinations.

Via Asia
You could travel to Kathmandu via Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. There are daily flights to Kaathmandu from bankgkok.

If in India, you can fly to Nepal from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Banglore and Varanasi. The one
There is the spectacular flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thrusdays operated by China Southwest Airlines. You can also fly Druk Air from Paro in Bhutan, or take a flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

What can I bring with me to Nepal?
All travelers are permitted to carry 200 cigarettes, 20 cigars, one bottle of spirits and two bottles or 12 cans of beer free of duty. Other exempts from include personal effect such as binoculars, cameras, film stock, record player, tape recorder, transistor, and radio. It is illegal to export antiques; objects like metal statue, sacred images, paintings, and manuscripts.

What is Nepali Food like? How is it cooked?
Nepali food is called Dal Bhat Tarkari which is Lentil sauce, Rice, and Curry in English. Achar (the pickle) makes it a complete dish.

What is the popular trekking region in Nepal?
It is the Annapurna region, here one gets excellent views of the mountains, valley and the remote parts of Nepal where easy to moderate trekking skills are required. And another popular trekking region is the Everest and Langtang where every trekking limits are broken everyday!

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